Lake Bartlett Feb 2019

The 5th event of the 2018-2019 Season is now in the books.  Bartlett Lake is a great place to catch fish and tends to be a battle of the culling bar during the day where the slightest advantage is determined with good discipline and catch/live-well management.  Bass Junkyz arrived at the lake Friday afternoon to set up for the following day.  The staff jumped in and got it done quickly allowing for a relaxing evening and some 2020 planning by Tim and Greg.  By the end of the night the 2020 Season has been laid out and ready to develop sponsor packages.  Exciting events and times ahead.

The forecast called for possible light rain during the day increasing heavily in the evening.  The morning started off with some heavy cloud cover mixing in a few dark and ominous looking clouds moving quickly.  Later, before noon the sky would break up allowing for a little sunshine here and there as the storm moved in.  With the water level lower than norm competitors were is close proximity able to see who was catching and who was not.  Surely there were some mumbles about being on a “spot”.  Competitors stayed on the water as long as they could versus what we have seen at other events with early arrivals at the angler cue. 

This being the 5th of 6 events the race for AOY is on the line. Prior to the event the team of Matt Shura / Lon Armel had a virtual strangle hold on the title, but unfortunately their day did not go as planned and their tightened grip has loosened greatly.  Finishing in the 11th, Taylor Hale / Brad Meade were first out of the money for the field, but brought to the scale Big Fish of the event at 3.59lbs.  The BF check was for $1,038 and they also received some new rods from ACE Hardware our Big Fish Sponsor.  Not only did they take home the ACE prize, but also 1st out of the money Costa Sunglasses prize. Steve Lund / Steven Boyce in 10th place at the scale with 8.41 $524. Brett Nagelhout – Cory Baehman for their first Bass Junkyz event took home 9th and a check for $655.  Dylan Maxon / Thor Dusenberry locked in 8th place and 2nd place Big Fish at 3.19 amounting to winnings of $1,343.  7th place, Andrew Napoleon / Johnny Johnson with 8.96lbs taking home a check for $786.  Rounding out the bottom of the top 10, in 6th place Marty Halsey / Athena Hammond with 9.15lbs and a check for $852.

In 5th place Scott Guetti / Jim Wood with 9.31lbs taking home a check for $1,045. The team of Paul Mathew / Alex Onofrei locked in 4th place with 9.44lbs for a check of $1,179. 3rd place for a first time with Bass Junkyz Joel Skinner / Clint Everett landed a limit at 6.68lbs and a payday of $1,917.  Our next anglers arrived at the scale with their own fan club watching the Facebook live-feed.  Bobby Hamner / Jason Stockon (autofill) showed up with a 2.91 kicker and a total weight of 10.75lbs. The check total was for $2,908.  In first place the team of Laron Porter / Creston Carroll stayed focus and fished hard all day long right to the last cast.  The scale locked in at 12.83lbs and a kicker of 3.09lbs for 3rd place Big Fish.  The checks totaled up to $4,978 for them and launched them into contention for Angler of the Year.Our first place anglers closed the gap for AOY with this win, but the team of Shura/Armel are still holding onto the lead.

Thank you to Century Marine, the Southwest Bass Cat dealer for bringing this event to you, the anglers. Special thanks to the award winning Flyin’ K BBQ for their contribution of a Bass Junkyz tournament experience.   The next event is schedules for Alamo Lake the first weekend of March 2nd.  We will be evaluating the water level, ramp access, and if another government shutdown effects this location this week.  If a change is necessary we can announce this quickly so pre-fishing time and money is not wasted.


Thank you anglers and, Keep Feeding your Addiction.


Lake Martinez Jan 2019

Canyon Coolers sponsored Event 4 of the 2018-2019 Season at Martinez Lake.  Now with it being in the rearview mirror we can tell you about it.  Fisher’s Landing was nearly as busy as any holiday weekend I have experienced.  Bass Junkyz, Desert Bass, and a car show all in competition for space, specifically parking space. With some adjustment in the normal routine everyone at Bass Junkyz was back into their role and things were getting done quickly.  The Bass Junkyz crew set up Friday night in the East overflow parking area anticipating a field of about 60 boats, down from our average of 85. Water level has been low the past few weeks limiting practice ability and access to backwater several decided to use this event as their drop for the season.  The water level had come up about 18-24” from the previous weekend making launching easier at the ramp.  Cloud cover in the morning created a spectacular sunrise with a crisp 45 degrees.  Anglers bowed their heads in prayer and then stood tall for the National Anthem prior to being released for the day.

Sand bars are ever the issue with a river system fishery and most anglers had success avoiding and keeping off of them, or at least being able to free themselves easily, except for one team; more on this a little later.  Several teams elected to leave their catch in the river as conservationist only taking creel samples for the day; others were setting hooks and ripping lips.

10th place Robby Ballew-Wallace Wright with 12.58, 9th Steve Lund-Steven Boyce with 12.73 and a solid kicker of 4.91, 8th Dustin Driscoll-Grant Estrada 13.29, 7th Loren Bryant-Anthony Walker with 13.93, 6th Joe Uribe Jr-Joe Uribe Sr with a solid 14.98 for the bottom half of the top ten.

5th place brought to the stage Max Hernandez-Richard Witt with 4 fish for a weight of 15.71 and a 2nd place Big Fish of 5.07, unfortunately Max and Richard just could not get the 5th fish into the boat. 4th place the team of Jim Waits-John Turner with 16.51 and 1st place Big Fish of 5.10.  3rd place was Matt Shura-Lon Armel with and a nice limit of 16.55. 2nd place went to the father/son team of Murray White-Taj White with 16.91 and a 3rd place Big Fish of 4.94.

1st place went to the team of Lynn Domby-Tim Price. Now don’t worry, this is the other “Tim Price” … The team brought to the scale a solid effort of 17.45, a kicker of 4.20, and a very lovely lady in the crowd shouting, “Momma is getting some new shoes!” Domby and Price walked away with a total amount for their effort on a testy river system with $3,044. Guys, get the lady what she wants. Lol

Huge thank you to the Flyin’ K BBQ for making out to the event and taking care of our anglers.  Please anglers go to their Facebook and Instagram pages and give them a like and a follow.  If you have an event on the calendar you now know who to call for great food.

Oh, and back to the sandbar … not to drop any names, but we did see a shout-out to Billy Kelly over at Robo Junkie Boat Detail. I did not see a sand bucket set on the back of the boat, but maybe that was the only thing left behind at the river.    

See you at the next Bass Junkyz event, February 2. Keep “Feeding the Addiction”

Lake Roosevelt December 1, 2018

Well the weather outside is … Not as bad as forecast.  Bass Junkyz staff rolled into Tonto Basin experiencing just a mild drizzle on the drive from the Phoenix metro area.  Traffic for a Friday afternoon was not nearly as heavy as we feared.  The Windy Hill, Badger Ramp parking area, which is very large dirt and gravel lot, had standing water in a couple of places.  With a little readjustment from our normal set up point we moved closer to the ramp ensuring our own runoff from the bump station would move away versus puddle up and stand.  The Bass Junkyz crew dropped trailers off and headed a few miles further up the road to the Roosevelt Lake Resort for dinner.  Anglers had booked out the hotel in a matter of 24 hours due to a BOGO special with Bass Junkyz for the event.

Saturday morning the temperature was 47 and as anglers entered the parking area live well checks were taken care of quickly allowing anglers to park and head over to the sign-up table.  Three fire pits were roaring, coffee flowing, and the assortments of donuts and danishes all laid out.  Anglers jockeyed patiently for later flights and when number 61 was called the cue filled right up.  The field capped at 5 flights to launch with 82 boats, and with the weather forecast we had speculated that a lower number would come out to compete. We were pleasantly surprised to see so many of you.

Broken skies painted purple, blue, splashes of yellow, and orange with the dawn.  Visible rain falling in areas away from the ramp, both North and South was indeed an amazing gift to start the day.  A few brief announcements, then the Morning Prayer, followed by the National Anthem opened up competition.  Media team of Rick and Chris captured drone footage and stills of blastoff.  After the last team was released our on the water media team was in hunt mode.  One of the best captured moments of the day was not too far away from the boat ramp itself.  Daniel Elias ended up landing an estimated 20lb flathead catfish.  Not what he was looking for, and I am sure initially it was a thrill to have the rod load up that heavy.

Rounding out 15th to 11th; Joe White – Danny Adams 9.04lbs, Matt Shura – Lon Armel 9.94lbs, Laron Porter-Creston Carroll 9.99lbs (+ Pro Strike package), Tyler Derman-Tyler Turk 10.13lbs (+ Canyon Cooler 22qts), and the team of Jacob Russell-Nick Phelps with 10.46lbs. Team Jacobs-Phelps brought in Big Fish for the day at 6.59lbs landing a check for $1,025, Ace Sporting Goods and Fishing Big Fish prize of 13 Fishing reel and rod at $540 value, and first Out of the Money at 11th place a pair of Costa 580s at $469. Not bad for 11th place.  

Team of Charlie Crawford-Richard Vizcarra hit the 10th place with 11.37lbs and a check for $479. Daniel Elias-David Bebawy and 11.52lbs at 9th place and a check at $638.  In 8th place with 12.11lbs, team Buddy Randall-Robert O’Donnell and a check $701. 7th place brings us to 12.19lbs and the team of Taylor Hale-Brad Meade and a check for $756. Just out of the top 5 in 6th place, team David Stachowski-Greg Valenzuela 12.29lbs, with a check for $829 followed up with 2nd place Big Fish 5.67lbs and a check of $615.

Our top 5 starts with Preston Smith-Chris Dix at 13.75lbs and a check for $893. In 4th place the team of Danny Uptain-Jerett Coleman at 14.03lbs and closing out with a check for $1,180. 3rd place at 14.24lbs brings us to the team of Tom Wennerlund-Danny Hallock with checks for $1,530 and 3rd place Option of $405 for a total payout of $1,935.  Team of Steve Lund-Steven Boyce wrapped up a solid 2nd place finish with 16.67lbs and a kicker fish of 5.35lbs for 3rd place Big Fish. Lund-Boyce took home checks for 2nd place $2,104, 2nd place Option $608, and 3rd place Big Fish of $410 for a total of $3,122.

Closing out the field in an authoritative fashion, the team of Mike Williams-Ricky Romans brought to the scale 19.20lbs and a kicker of 5.03lbs.  Unfortunately their big fish did not make a check for them, but not all was lost.  For 1st place the team was paid out $3,634 and for 1st place Option a check for $1,012 for a total of $4,646.  When asked how they hit the water. Williams-Romans responded they found a place and spent nearly the entire day throwing reaction baits, jigs, and drop shot.  They felt they had fish and were catching at a rate that it was better to stay than move.

Bass Junkyz next event is at Martinez Lake outside of Yuma.  Early registration is now open and can be found at  Registration will continue Saturday morning in the parking lot of Fisher’s Landing at the trailers.  Coffee will be fresh, hot, and plentiful.  The fire barrels will be a blaze.  Live well checks will be at the stop sign coming into Fisher’s, so please be cautious in that last 1000 yds.

Find us on Instagram at @azbassjunkyz and please follow and share. You can also locate us on Twitter at @BassJunkyz  and again please follow us and share.  These two platforms are growing quickly for us because of you and your participation.


 A very special “Thank You” to all of you that participate with us either in competition, or follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or check our webpage.  We; Tim, Greg and the staff put on the event, but you all are what this is all about and all the extra that isn’t being done elsewhere.  You are truly Bass Junkyz.


Wishing you all a Very, Very Merry Christmas and an Amazing & Safe Happy New Year.


See you in 2019 with something a little better and a little bigger as we continue to push The Bar higher!!!!


Bass Junkyz  

Lake Havasu November 3rd 2018

The Bass Junkyz Crew rolled out of Phoenix Friday AM to Lake Havasu via the Town of Wickenburg, a small town left over from the old west.  Not a place of western legend of the likes of Tombstone, but I believe has all the grit, some tall tales, and perseverance. The railroad arrived in 1895 and the small desert mine town grew to a size to incorporate in 1909, three years before Arizona became State 48.  If you happen to have a little extra time look over the town’s Chamber of Commerce website at which also has a self-guide tour available.        

Century Marine the Southwest’s Bass Cat dealer presented the event.  Minding the forecast of wind for Saturday every affordable measure and precaution needed to be taken in to prevent damage to canopies, protect anglers, and spectators.  Livewell checks were done effectively and quickly as anglers entered the marina.  Soon enough a field of 84 teams was on the water bowing their heads in prayer and standing for the anthem.  The morning proved to be amazing as the orange sky mixed with purple gave way to safe light and blast off.  Five flights on the water with the first flight due at check-in by 3:00PM.

Almost like clockwork a breeze picked up at 11:00 and gradually became more steady and stronger toward weigh-in time.  A few anglers struggled through the day and called their day short due to dissatisfied productivity and results. Few anglers stuck around to stow their gear, eat, and later socialize with friends.  Spectators began to arrive at about 2:30 and the crowd slowly expanded.  Several pleasure boaters came up from the lower parking lot just to get an idea what all the fuss and was all about.  A gentleman had mistaken Bass Junkyz for a large national entity, but didn’t remember them having an event scheduled or as much hospitality for the anglers during prior events.

Top ten teams were rounded out by Shawn Hilton-Kody Johnson 12.89lb, Laron Porter-Creston Carroll 13.49lb, Jeff Lenard-Erick Cline 13.88lb, Allan Blackmon-Steve Reiter 14.09lb, and Randy Ernest-Darlene Ernest 14.15lb weights respectively. In 5th Place the team of Daniel Elias – David Bebawy put in a solid day and a five fish limit tipping the scale at 14.15 with a big fish of 4.18. The 4th Place team of Scott Kramer-Aaron Riggs didn’t break the 15 pound mark but brought in a respectable 14.61 and a big fish kicker of 4.50.  3rd Place and breaking into the 15 pound range was team Mark Williams – Matt Williams and a five fish limit at 15.71.

The separation in weight appears in 2nd place over the field jumping up 6.05 pounds.  The team of Roy Hawk – Mark White weighed in at 21.76 with a 2nd place Big Fish at 5.01.  A mere .09 from tying for first place.  In 1st Place the team, out of the 2nd flight on the launch order, the team of Shaun Bailey – Mike Williams took home 1st place Big Fish with a 6.07, 1st Place Option, and  overall 1st Place with a total weight of 21.85

The next event for Bass Junkyz is at Roosevelt Lake December 1st.  Please make your reservations at Roosevelt Resort using #bassjunkyz when securing your room.  As always you can register online at till Thursday night before the event by 7:00PM, and then registration continues at the lake the morning of the event.

Lake Pleasant October 6th 2018

The tables and chairs set up and anglers clambering about, telling stories while drinking coffee and grabbing a few packaged donuts and muffins for out on the water.  The morning greeted all of us kindly as the Morning Prayer opened up competition, followed by the National Anthem. 90 teams kicked off Bass Junkyz 2018-2019 season drawing in competitors from Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and Southern California.  The weather itself was not cool or brisk but rather warm with broken cloud cover for the day.  An addition for this season, we have elevated our media presence driving social media to new levels for Bass Junkyz, as well as enlisting the services of a drone pilot and livestream sponsorship of our events.  Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Unfortunately the lake was a bit stingy with her yield.  Only 9 teams came in with a bag weight in the teens. Clifford Pirch-Buddy Randall, Daniel Nicholson-Jeff Erickson, Ernie Griego-Tony Lerma, Greg Hines-Steve Watson, and Tim Roden-Kyle Coppinger rounded out the bottom of the top ten from 10th place to 6th place respectively. Less than 1.40lbs separated 10th to 6th and the competition was fierce. Team Rick Foerester-Mike Lyman brought in the 2nd place Big Fish at 5.54 for the day. Team Charlie Crawford-Richard Vizcarra closed out 3rd place Big Fish with a 4.98

In 5th place, Matt Shura-Lon Armel, a longtime fishing duo weighed in at 14.16 with 4.08 kicker in the bag securing a check for $969.00. 4th place was held onto by Brandon Koon and Conrad Demecs with a tying weight of 14.69 with Bobby Lanham-Jason Stockton.  Lanham-Stockton were able to secure the go ahead to 3rd place, via the big fish tie breaker at 4.64 vs 3.99.  Each team gathering up and walking away with checks for $1,280 and $2,096 respectively. 2nd place was captured by the father son team of Murray and Taj White, presenting a weight of 16.67 and a 2nd place option for a total payout of $2,935.

1st place was closed out by Robert Kettner-Seth Furmanek with the heaviest bag of the day at 17.52 securing the “trifecta” win; Entry, Option, and Big Fish.  The kicker fish at 5.70, giving them Big Fish for the event and a total payout of $6,118.  Kettner-Furmanek are the first team to qualify for the 2018-2019 championship by securing the win and now must go by participation rules to show up at our dance on the water.

Congratulations to all of the anglers and thank you for choosing and participating with Bass Junkyz. We know there are choices out there, but there is only one bass tournament experience, Bass Junkyz.

Championship at Lake Havasu May 4th and May 5th

The Bass Junkyz crew rolled into Lake Havasu City Thursday knowing anglers had been on the water working out their strategy for the 2017-2018 Championship.  The Quality Inn hosted the event opening up the Saguaro Room teams began to pour in at 6:10 for the 6:30 meeting.  You could see the minds working out what they had accomplished and like any tournament with something big on the line talk wasn’t loud and jovial as is the norm.  A little rib poking took place, but all in good fun.  Just prior to kicking off the meeting teams were greeted with Bass Junkyz goodie bags. An assortment of Havasu essentials; Jack Lewis fish weights, Flirt Skirts jigs, Century Marine key chain, Pro-Strike spooling band, Strike King baits, Frog Toggs, Crossed Industries stickers, Bass Junkyz stickers,  Bass Junkyz hats and shirts, local coupons, … Each angler had in hand $85 of items to say “thank you” for committing to the Bass Junkyz Tournament Series.

Day 1 was an absolute gift.  The golf cart shuttle was racing back and forth between the ramp and the parking lot as teams positioned their boats with the launch order in mind. The Morning Prayer just as the colors of dawn was changing the horizon and a very light breeze.  The National Anthem resonated across the water and at the last note live well check and launch ensued.  29 Teams of the 30, ready for the challenge of the day and solid competition idled out of the Lake Havasu Marina toward the open water. As 2:40pm rolled around teams began to come in and once again the shuttle was at task.

Deb Cunningham was one of the first of the anglers to come up to the parking lot and she was literally shaking with excitement.  Deb and Vic had experienced some battery issues out on the water and with some assistance were able to finish out the day, and what a day they had. Leading day 1, Vic and Deb brought to the scale a bag weight of 21.30 and a big fish of 5.24. Matt Shura and Lon Armel were on their heels with a solid 19.66 and a 4.58 big fish.  Ben Foster and Jeff Erickson were in hot pursuit with their own 19.08 bag and day 1 big fish of 5.46. With rounding out the top 5; Jeff Allen and John Browning with 19.00 and a 4.88, Derek Francom and Aaron Reese 18.56 and a 5.04 big fish.  Day 2 was going to be a battle.

All anglers in and scales closed, Deb and Vic were able to hold onto the lead from start to finish 10/10, a day 2 weight of 19.84, a big fish of 5.84 for a total weight of 41.14 and tournament big fish.  Standing in second place Matt Shura and Lon Armel managed to hold off the competition bringing in 18.07 making a two day total of 37.73.  Dean Kreuzer and Rich Kereny closed the gap but not enough with an 18.33 bag and a two day total of 36.73, 1.01lb off to jump to 2nd place. Kevin and Mike Caruso finished up with 35.76.  Joe Wheeler and Derrick Amerson leaped from Day 1 15th place to 5th place with a day 2 bag of 19.20 and a total weight of 34.28

Second place big fish went to Jeff Erickson and Ben Foster for their 5.46 and Third place went to Derek Francom and Aaron Reese for their 5.04. What an event!  In total Bass Junkyz paid out in cash and products a whopping total of $36,674.00!!!

Bass Junkyz would like to thank all of their sponsors, anglers, those that have helped during the events, help behind the scenes, and the people that have listened and offered guidance.  Many, many thanks to all of you.  It is because of you that this organization is doing as well as it is and events in the future look to be bigger and better.





Lake Pleasant April 7th

Lake Pleasant, the final event of the Bass Junkyz 2017-2018 Season and as unsure as we were of what to expect it can be said of everyone that the event did not disappoint.  Holding onto a boat average of 87 boats per event for the season Lake Pleasant offered up a field of 88 ready to mix it up, take risks, and step up to the internal challenges of the day.  Sponsors stepped in upping the ante with demo rides for Bass Cat from Pro Staff coordinated by Century Marine.  Foster’s Rustic Furniture was on hand showing off their awesome items. Canyon Coolers were on display and prizes galore from Napier Outdoors, Taipan Rods, Costa, Ace Fishing and Hunting, Crossed Industries, Jack Lewis, ProStrike, Robo Junkies …

The weather turned out to be fantastic and honestly could not have been better on the April 7th morning.  Tai Au and Joe Uribe teamed up for this one and it was a match.  The team brought to the scale a solid bag of 16.55lbs with the help of 4.71 kicker, just enough to best the Johnny Johnson and Andrew Napoleon team with 16.23 and tournament big fish at 7.54. A 0.32 difference but not enough.  3rd place Ben Foster and Jeff Erickson with a healthy and steady bag of 15.55 and 4.75 kicker keeping them ahead of 4th place, the steady team of Danny Hallock and Michael Reyes with 15.17 and 2nd place big fish of 5.72.  Rounding out the top five, 5th place team Kenny Cartledge and Zack Lamb with 14.48 and a 4.24,  3rd place big fish belonged to the team of Charlie Crawford and David Jenkins with a solid 5.29.

Bass Junkyz AOY team was decided at this event.  The team of Todd Herman and Julius Mazy held on to their lead by fending off the pressing team of Marty Halsey and Bob Perkins. Both will meet again at the championship May 4th and 5th at Lake Havasu.

Congratulations to all that have qualified or were drawn … See you at Havasu!!!

Herman –Mazy            Kereny-Kruezer           Porter – Carroll            Halsey – Perkins

Uptain – Coleman       Johnson – Napoleon    Francom-Reese            Coffey – Mckenzie

Ashford – Ashford      Shura –Armel              Hallock – Reyes           Henrickson – Shull

Blauvelt – Hart            Smith – Dix                 Foster – Erickson        Everett – Ballard

Brillhart – Nugent        Allen – Browning         Caruso – Caruso          Jonovich – Jonovich

Cartledge – Lamb        Cautter – Teixeira        Wheeler – Amerson     Cunningham – Cunningham

Schook – Casillas         Lee – Pingry                Lamanna – Lamanna   Lund – Boyce

Singletary – Singletary  Sierra – Stanton 

Click Here for pictures

Lake Havasu March 3rd

Event 6 of 7 for the 2017-2018 season proved to be a formidable one.  Anglers monitored the wind forecast for the weekend trying to set out a game plan for participation and success.  Some made alternative plans versus risking Lake Havasu rollers and the others let out the battle cry, “Fish on!”  The morning started off with a steady breeze and made progressive gains after 10 o’clock.  As the first flight of the day began to make it into the marina conceding their efforts to the clock, stronger wind gusts had become more consistent and the norm.  A few of the teams found themselves to be less than dry.

Ted Stewner and Al Carlson lead all teams with 19.65 and a 4.61 kicker.  The Canadian team fished fast covering a great deal of water during the day.  The past two time Canadian Fort Frances Champions and a host of top 10 finishes over the past several years gave the team a small amount of anonymity among other anglers, but they are on the radar now.  2nd place went to a familiar team of Matt Shura and Lon Armel with 18.48 and a 5.61 kicker.  Via a Bass Junkyz contingency, Team Shura/Armel were able to add an additional $500 in Nitro Bass Pro Tournament Rewards.  Following in third, Justin Kerr and Tim Rath with 18.28 and a 4.37 and in fourth place, Kyle Grover and Garrett Howard with 16.98 with a solid 4.67 in the mix.

Click here for photos. 

Lake Alamo Feb 3rd

Alamo Lake did not disappoint.  Last year the lake rose 42 feet with heavy precipitation taking the lake to a level nearly full pool of 1129 and stopping just short at 1126.5.  Arizona has been unseasonably warm this year and the tradeoff is beautiful crisp (our definition) winter mornings in the mid/hi 40s.  Daytime temperature on the water was 78/79 and a mild afternoon breeze.   Aaaahhhh. 

88 teams participated and rewarded.  32 teams brought a big fish to the scale in excess of 4.02lbs and several had to decide which was going to test the scale.  Out of the 88 only three elected to either not weigh fish or didn’t complete a full day on the water for other reasons.  Some of the usual suspects were in the top 10 and new winners this go round.  Steve Lund and Steven Boyce put together a 24.00lb bag to top the field including a 2nd place big fish kicker at 6.30lbs.  In 2nd place was father/son team of Chris and Conner Yates with a bag weight of 19.99 which held for a very long time including a 4.92 kicker. In 3rd , Joe Uribe Jr. and Joe Uribe Sr. came to the scale with a very respectful 19.84.  4th place Marty Henrickson and Jacob Shull jumped in with 19.19lbs.  A tie for 5th place at 19.12lbs was settled by a big fish tie breaker.  Both teams came to the scale with healthy 5lb big fish, but the team of Collin Nelson and Brandon Morton edged out Nate Foreman and Danny Clark with and 5.89lb big fish versus 5.53lb.

The Phoenix Junior Bassmasters competed the following day with many of our adult anglers rolling over to take out the contestants:  Anglers of the future fishing today.  Next event will be at Lake Havasu on March 3rd.  Please contact Quality Inn and Days Inn and tell them you with Bass Junkyz to secure our agreed rate for this event. 

For event pictures click here

Lake Bartlett Jan 6th

Bartlett did not disappoint as the weather was absolutely amazing versus what January can be sometimes here in Arizona.  There was a milestone set with participation and a limit set by the permit issuing agency that a maximum of 100 boats would be allowed.  Preregistration closed with 81 positions spoken for leaving 19 for day of sign up.  Some firsts happen with this circumstance; a large number of the competition field spent the night, several day of signees put down bed rolls or cots to sleep and hold their line position, and 21 other teams were informed the tournament had capped out.  All are firsts for Bass Junkyz.

Early arriving vehicles were met with live-well checks prior to entering into the parking lot around 3:45am.  Sign-ups and sign-ins went rather smoothly considering the field size.  Prayer included a moment of silence for the Costa FLW Lake Okeechobee anglers.  As of this writing co-angler Nik Kayler remains missing and his family and friends remain in our prayers.  The National Anthem played loudly resonating across the water ended with loud cheers. 7 flights launched orderly without crowding or conflict and the day was ahead.  First flight due in at 3:00pm, the last at 4:30pm, and the last team weighed in with the scales closing at 5:07.  Sponsor row was a hit with Century Marine and BassCat, Costa Sunglasses, Inyati Bed Liners, Pro Strike, and Canyon Coolers.

At the end of it all father/son duo Joe Uribe Jr and Sr topped the field with a healthy 13.62 including a nice kicker of 3.42lbs.  Team Porter and Carroll followed up with a 12.33 sack and Team Maxon and Romano on their heels with an 11.99lbs sack. Team Uptain and Coleman on their aft with 11.79 with Team Halsey and Perkins at 11.56lbs.  Of the 100 teams competing 97 weighed in fish and 100% of the fish were returned to the water thanks to the fish care practices, oxygenated holding tanks/tubs, and the use of Rejuvenade in our cue.

The next event is at Alamo Lake on February 3rd so please get online and reserve your camp spot.  There are full hookups available, as well as power only hookups, bathrooms, including showers.  After Alamo we are headed to Lake Havasu on March 3rd so mark your calendars and make your reservations at Quality Inn and Days Inn asking for the “Bass Junkyz” rate.


Lake Roosevelt December 2nd

Things go smoothly where there is cooperation.  Thank you Let’s Talk Fishing for switching ramps with us at Windy Hill for the event.  It is a blessing to be here in Arizona and not having to do as our brothers and sisters do up north, winterize and store our boats. The agony of waiting for the river or lake to be ice free knowing the bass are there.  This is the first event we used the recovery boat to take fish back down to the lake and everything went amazingly well.  We tried something new this event with the live well checks.  As vehicles entered into the ramp area staff inspected live wells and issued a token to exchange at registration.  This worked extremely well and we are hopeful we can utilize this method going forward. 

Partly cloudy skies and very mild temperatures for early December on Arizona’s Mother Lake.  93  boats in all on the water.  Fishing was better than Apache and 52 teams brought limits to the scale.  Heavy bag for the day belonged to Todd Herman-Julius Mazy at 16.64, followed up by Richard Witt-Tai Au 16.01, and in 3rd place Roy Hawk-Mark White at 15.75. Todd Herman-Julius Mazy made their day oh so much sweeter with the Bass Pro Tournament Rewards for Nitro giving them a $5,000.00 bonus to their day at the outdoor office. Big fish was brought to the scale by Richard Witt-Tai Au at 5.71lbs securing Big Fish Option, Ace Hardware & Fishing Big Fish, and Century Marine Big Fish for a cash and prize amount of $1,837.00.  Catch of the day was credited to Derek Francom-Aaron Reese with an extremely healthy 5lb smallmouth.  Bass Junkyz is a 1 to 6 ratio tournament paying down a max of 10 places.  Special thanks to A&M Graphics, Century Marine, Quest Rewards, Ace Hardware, Bass Pro Shop Tournament Rewards, Canyon Coolers, VooDoo Athletics, Pro Strike, Robo Junky Boat Detail, Inyati Bed Liners, Rico, Amp Upholstery and Marine, Rejuvenade, and Costa.

Next event is at Bartlett Lake on January 6th and online registration will open on December 21st.



Apache Lake November 11th

The 2nd event of Bass Junkyz season was colorful. Orange and blue/purple clouds scattered about the eastern horizon with dawn's paintbrush as safelight approached. A 58 boat field, 116 anglers stood for prayer and the Anthem then the competition day was underway. Rumors prior to the event were that the lake was fishing tough, but we all know how fisherman can be sometimes ... Well it wasn't tough, it was T O U G H!  Some of the best anglers around struggled this weekend at a lake historically offering up plus 25lb sacks and the scales told the tale.  Winners, Kreuzer/Kereny put the smack down on the entire field coming across the scales at 15.28lbs, 4.18lbs over 2nd place Allen/Browning at 11.10lbs who passed the slap along to 3rd place Everett/Ballard with 8.39lbs.  The weights narrowed from there with 10th place Herman/Mazy at 5.27lbs.  Special thanks to ACE Hardware's Tim Baird on Houghton in Tucson for the G Loomis Rod and to Century Marine for the product/service certificates. It is great having you on board as our Big Bass sponsors this season.


The next event will be at Roosevelt Lake, December 2nd.  Online registration will open for Roosevelt on November 20th, close on November 30th, then continue December 2nd at the lake.

Lake Bartlett Oct 7th

The Bass Junkyz 2nd Season kicked off with a beautiful October Arizona morning. We had anticipated a larger field than last year’s average but the actual boat count blew our forecast count of 60 out of the water! 97 teams rolled into the Bartlett Lake parking lot and then it was time to get to business. The morning started off with a prayer followed by the National Anthem.  We stand.

7 flights blasted off and then the real work began for the Bass Junkyz staff; 97 boats, 184 anglers plus curious spectators coming over to see what was going on.  We knew immediately we needed more food, water, soda, tables, chairs, and canopies.  The extra food was ordered and we had to make do with the tables and chairs. A little reconfiguring of the canopies, everyone who stayed ate, and most everything else worked out with a little ripple here or there but taken care of.

It is not often a large fish comes out of Bartlett but Team Guetti/Wood managed to find an El Diablo weighing in at 6.66lbs taken 1st place for Big Fish.  The fish locked them in at 14.11lbs for a first place trifecta; Entry, Option 1, and Big Fish. The 2nd Place Team of Porter/Smith were just behind by .65lbs at 13.46lbs. The gap to 3rd Place with Locke/Sumrall was nearly 2.2lbs at 11.24lbs total. The following weights for 4th through 10th looked like everyone would expect for Bartlett Lake being separated by 100ths.

Next on the schedule is Apache Lake on November 11th.  The online registration will open on Thursday November 2nd and close on November 9th at 7:00pm. Registration will then continue at the lake Saturday morning at 4:30am. We are hoping for a good turnout so make sure to secure your hotel room or campground ahead of time.